From the Swedish traditional foods to the Balkans, China and the Middle East. Cabbage rolls, or dolma, with cabbage or wine leaves rolled around a variety of fillings, are cooked in countless many ways throughout the world. “Koldolmen” came to Sweden through Karl XII's bouts in Turkey and evidence states that the Ottoman Empire is where this dish was once born. "Dolma" is the Turkish word for "filling" and for centuries this dish has been part of the Syrian and Lebanese food culture. Here at Shamiat, we call dolma “malfouf”, and we cook them with cabbage and without meat. Shamiat's malfouf are filled with a delicious mix of seasonal vegetables, basil, garlic and lemon. Malfouf is vegetarian and vegan dish which can be either a main course or a side dish.

Why should you order malfouf?

Simply put, it’s delicious. Furthermore, it’s a classic dish which has received a modern twist with us at Shamiat; it’s definitely worth a taste. 

Best combined with: 

Build the perfect meze with malfouf, hummus, tabbouleh and bread. Malfouf is also a perfect main dish, that will taste great paired with the creamy fatteh.