Tomatoes, perfectly cooked haricot verts, garlic and onions - the base in fasoulia comes from the farmers’ fields and is eaten with pride in their homes. This dish can be served either hot or cold, and here at Shamiat we serve it as a side dish or as part of meze. It fits most tastes and the unique flavour of the beans and tomatoes makes every meal a bit better.

Why should you order fasoulia? 

It is a perfect dish for those who wish to eat a lot of vegetables, or perhaps only vegetarian food, yet loves flavour. The tartness of the tomatoes combined with the creaminess of the beans will give you a tasty and filling meal. 

Best combined with: 

You can combine this with most of our dishes, but it’s especially well-suited to fatteh with chicken or makloubeh. If you order it as meze, a good mix would be with hummus, manakish and nakanek.