Fatteh is a unique, historical dish that originates in Egypt and the southern part of what is called the Levant. In an area that includes Damascus, Beirut and Jordan, fatteh has been served for centuries - at royal dinners as well as in the homes of hard working farmers. Sometimes as breakfast, sometimes as a reward after a hard day’s work. Fatteh means “crushed” or “crumbled”; the dish consists of thinly sliced, roasted and crushed pita bread, which is then covered with velvety chickpeas and flavours of garlic, lemon and tahini. To top the bowl,  add chicken, aubergine, yoghurt, meat or melted butter – it’s your choice! The classic version is the hot butter fatteh. No matter which one you try, we guarantee you will be satisfied and happy. Fatteh is one of the dishes we love dearly, and if you want to eat one of the staple dishes of Syrian food culture, it is perfect for you. Experience fatteh as it’s supposed to be – made with love from authentic Syrian chefs. 

Why should you order fatteh?

This dish holds a rich history, which you’ll feel when you eat it. Pick fatteh as part of your meze or let it be your main dish. No matter what, fatteh won’t disappoint! 

Best combined with: 

Tabbouleh is a sure match, but also manakish or the vegetable dish fasoulia is a great fit. Fatteh can be served without any meat or dairy, perfect for when you’re in the mood for a vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Malmö.