This Foul is certainly not foul! Tart, full-bodied and warm – although foul is a dish with rich history, in today's Middle East many people start each weekend with a bowl of foul to share the love. Foul has a place in the hearts of people in all layers of society. In Syria most people make their foul with fava beans, chickpeas, lemon and garlic – which they often cultivate themselves. Together with tahini, it is the essence of the Syrian food culture. The beans and chickpeas are soaked for hours before being boiled to perfection. The finished dish, where the beans and chickpeas are served together with bell peppers, tomato and parsley, will melt in your mouth. The balance between the ingredients – the smoothness of the yoghurt, the buttery goodness of the beans and the sting of the garlic and tahini, is the heart of foul. Treat yourself to Shamiat's interpretation of the traditional foul.

Why you should order foul with yoghurt: 

Discover the dish that is the backbone of Syrian food culture. Foul gives you the classic ingredients and balances warmth, tartness and a sting of spices at the same time. Foul with yoghurt is one of many vegetarian dishes on our menu. 

Best combined with:

With some vegetables and warm bread, this meal will fill your stomach and heart!