A few words about Hummus:

Most people call it hummus, but in Damascus this world-renowned chickpea dish goes by the name Mosabbaha.  At Shamiat we serve a hummus (or mosabbaha) that is home-made from scratch. Our recipe bans the use of canned chickpeas, and as such, it takes its time. Around 15 hours to be precise, from when we put the chickpeas in water until they are ready to be boiled and mixed with lemon, garlic and tahini. It will give you a taste of what it’s like to be invited to dinner at a home in Damascus. There they serve hummus (or mosabbaha) in all homes, at any occasion, just like we do at Södra Förstadsgatan 78. 

Why should you order Shamiat’s hummus? 

If you long for authentic cooking made from scratch, this one’s for you. There is probably just the one restaurant in Malmö that offers a true hummus. You’ll find it with us at Shamiat.

Best combined with: 

Everything and anything. It’s a given when it comes to a meze spread or as a side dish to fatteh. You can enjoy it with bread and feel a little lighter, the world a little brighter. When you order catering from us, you can be real sure that you’ll offer your guests the best hummus in Malmö.