The wonderful ball of crispy dough that is Kebbeh – the dough is made of bulgur and filled with a mouth watering mix of beef and lamb mince, onions and roasted pine nuts. This is indeed a dish of spectacular taste and shape! The ability to make this flexible and succulent dough, that can be filled and deep fried, is an artform. Here at Shamiat you will be served kebbeh mabroume, the Syrian (and according to us, the most delicious) version. Cinnamon and well-kept secret spices mix together to create warm and round flavours. Kebbeh has a long and rich history, and is more or less considered a national dish in the countries around the Eastern Mediterranean and the area described by historians and archaeologists as the Levant. (Did you know that “Levant” means sunrise in Arabic and that this area covers not only ancient Turkey, but also Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and Jordan?) All regions have their versions and flavours. In the Syrian city of Aleppo alone, there are said to be seventeen different sorts of kebbeh. The best of them all, however, are served with us at Shamiat.

Why should you order kebbeh mabroume at Shamiat?

Kebbeh is one of the most difficult dishes a Syrian cook can make and it is a national dish. When prepared correctly it is a work of art, and perfect for family dinner, a party or whenever you want to celebrate.

Best combined with:

Tabbouleh for it’s freshness and contrasts in flavours.  Add hummus and some bread. Also try with baba ganoush - the grilled, slightly smoked aubergines makes the kebbeh even tastier.