Inspired by relentless deserts and the Syrian people's love for spices and good food, nakanek is a dish full of tradition and emotion. The little sausages that the dish consists of may look somewhat unimaginative, but try one and you’ll have a thousand and one flavours dancing on your tongue. At Shamiat we make our very own version after a super secret recipe (but at least we can reveal that the base is lamb meat).

Why should you order nakanek? 

This is a Syrian specialty dish which will give you delicious memories that will last. Be sure to try it when you order catering from the best Syrian restaurant in Malmö! 

Best combined with: 

This is a perfect appetizer or as a dish for your meze spread. Make sure you try it together with baba ganoush or hummus, or with fatteh or foul. The creaminess of these dishes paired with the spices of nakanek will cause happiness in your mouth!