Breakfast, lunch or as a side dish during dinner? Manakish has many roles to fill in the Syrian meal and we recommend you not to skip these amazing breads with different types of filling. The thin bread that is manakish is the foundation of Syrian food tradition – and with several different spices and fillings available you have the perfect brunch or breakfast option. Hailing from the Damascus region – the akawiost, egg and parsley version is one of the most popular options. Other tasty choices are mohmmara with cheese and meatballs, and fatayer that gives you the perfect blend of cheese and olives. Manakish is most commonly served folded or in pieces, and you could say that it is similar to pizza, but that would belittle one of the most delicious snacks of Syria.

Why should you order manakish?

It’s the perfect appetizer or a lovely side dish, where there’s always a version that suits your taste. You’ll never grow tired of manakish.

Best combined with:

Manakish is a great choice when you want a large meze spread, but make sure to order one to pair with your main dish when you eat makloubeh, mshackale or fatteh.