Basically a Palestinian and Lebanese dish served in the Levant region for centuries. (Did you know the Levant is an area that not only covered ancient Turkey, but also Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and Jordan?) In makloubeh you’ll find everything that is Syrian food culture – the tasty rice, lamb, cream cheese and fresh vegetables – everything fried,  put into a bowl in a certain order, and then flipped upside-down before serving. At Shamiat it is served either with lamb or with slightly smoked eggplant. Prepare for a meal that will leave you happy and full of warmth.

Why should you order makloubeh?

If you want to taste the Syrian cuisine all at once – makloubeh is perfect for you. You’ll get a complete meal with amazing flavours. 

Best combined with: 

Makloubleh does well on its own, but if you add fasoulia or tabbouleh as side dishes you’ll get some lovely fresh vegetables to pair it with.