A few words about kafta:

The rumour is that it was the housewives in mediaeval Damascus that did not wan’t, or couldn’t, cook well enough, who made their husbands or servants buy take-out. Thus, kafta became one of the most popular dishes at the market. Kafta today can be found in the Lebanese, Turkish and Syrian kitchen – all with their own version of the dish.

With the right touch, this famous minced beef dish will be full of juicy flavours that will blow your mind – rather than being dull and dry as is fairly common. In our kitchen at Södra Förstadsgatan 78, kafta is made with onion, parsley, pomegranate, bell peppers, molasses and tomato – adding excellency to our premium minced beef. This dish is best served hot and straight out of the pan, with some bread to dip in the juices. Enjoy the secret spice mix and the unique flavours!

Why should you order kafta?

This is a dish for those who love well made and juicily flavourful meat dishes. Kafta is a perfect addition to a meze spread when you want that festive atmosphere. Did you know that the best Syrian restaurant in Malmö offers catering?

Best combined with:

Tabbouleh to let the spices in kafta reign. Add fasoulia and bulgur and you’ll have a feast to remember! Bread to dip in the pan is a must.