You can serve any Syrian dish and it wouldn’t feel like true Syrian cuisine without Tabbouleh. It may sound like an exaggeration, and while this salad can look bland at first glance – it is absolutely crucial to the Syrian cuisine. Here at Shamiat it is made, just like all our dishes, with love and from scratch. The dish consists of parsley, bulgur, lemon, garlic and tomato. How you chop the parsley is of great importance for the right taste and feel - along with the lemon and garlic, you’ll get a taste experience beyond the usual. In addition, tabbouleh is tasty not only by itself; it makes other dishes shine and amplifies their good points. It enhances, cleanses your palate, whets your appetite and tickles your taste buds. With tabbouleh, you can enjoy all dishes of Malmö's best Syrian restaurant to the fullest.

Why should you order tabbouleh?

Because this is a true classic and a staple of Syrian cuisine. Furthermore, it’s the perfect side dish; it works with any Syrian dish and raises your culinary experience to a new level. 

Best combined with: 

Tabbouleh can be combined with everything on Shamiat’s menu. It’s a given pick for meze, but if you choose makloubeh or kabse as a main dish – tabbouleh is the taste enhancer of dreams.